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Here's What You'll Learn:

The Fat Loss Mistakes Keeping You Stuck


Feel like your running around in circles, starting over every Monday and never reaching your goal? We'll cover how to break free from this cycle once and for all.

3 Pillars to Fat Loss Success

There's a lot of fluff and misinformation spread within the fitness industry. I'm teaching you ONLY the most important elements that actually matter when wanting to achieve fat loss.

Setting Goals And Sticking To Them

Most people set goals that "sound good" to them but aren't nearly meaningful enough to actually drive consistent action over time especially when motivation wanes.

Losing Fat Without Losing Your Favorite Foods

Say BUHHHBYE to eliminating carbs, eating only at certain time intervals, and basically sacrificing your life for a diet. You'll never restrict your favorite foods again after you learn this approach.

Who Am I?

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Hi! I'm Cass, an Online Fitness Coach with a Bachelor's in Nutritional Sciences. After many years of yo-yo dieting and severely struggling with my relationship with food I knew fad dieting and food group restriction were not the answer for long-term success regardless of how "sexy" trendy diets seemed.


I adopted a new philosophy of dieting, which did not restrict any foods, and ended up achieving my goals without rebounding in weight. I became so passionate about dieting in a flexible and sustainable manner that I started coaching others on how to do the same and never looked back!

The FoolProof Fat Loss Strategy was made for those who are stuck in the vicious start-stop dieting cycle like I was and want to learn how to finally achieve their goals the right way.

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