The 3 foods that triggered a binge every time

In the eyes of a fucked up foodie, pretty much any food has the capability of causing excessive eating. Family parties are a great example - I am definitely guilty of overeating certain foods at these events that I would not normally really grandmas crumb cake.....damnit it grandma don't you understand that I can't just have "one bite"!? Or at weddings - when the food is set up oh so do you NOT want to eat all of it? What about those nights when your friends want to order in, hard to resist pigging out in that situation too.

Overall - a binge eater can pretty much binge on any given food that tastes good.


I am going to share with you the deadly 3.....the 3 that I have not ever touched again in about 3 years just because of the effect that they have on my mind. I took one bite and the rest was history - I seriously was never able to ever control myself with these three foods...not even when I started to eat flexibly. And before you think I'm absolutely nuts, there is a scientific reason why these specific deadly 3 foods do this to me.

Are you ready for it?


The fucked up foodie introduces........

The deadly three

#1 Ben & Jerries Ice cream

Ben and motherfucking Jerries.....boy I sure don't miss you. Remember how I previously mentioned about how the whole, "just one bite" strategy doesn't work well with me? Well, this food is THE perfect example why. I remember specifically every single time I bought a pint, I had to finish it. I never once, EVER had control when it came down to this brand. I even was better off with other ice creams...was fine with frozen yogurt, halo top, and enlightened ice cream, but Ben & Jerries? I didn't stand a chance.

You want to know why? Take a look at the sugar content in ONE. SINGLE. PINT.

Nutrition label for 1 pint, be mindful that there are 4 TOTAL servings of what you see here.

23 grams? Eh, not so bad right? Hold up....thats for ONE SERVING. This pint has 4. So now we're talking 92 grams of sugar my friend. In a damn sitting! Talk about a friggen dopamine spike!

#2 Flavored peanut butter

You've probably heard of flavored peanut butter spreads before and have even seen them in the grocery store. Peanut Butter Co is a common brand that I see in the grocery store, as they have a few basic flavors of chocolate and cinnamon. Nuts 'n More and Buff Bake also sell flavored peanut butter online, but I personally didn't really have that much of an issue with these brands. However, there is one brand that I had to seriously prevent myself from buying more of.....

Epic Spreads.

This peanut butter not only is flavored, but it has chunks of the flavor itself within the spread. So if you want Smore's peanut butter, you're going to be eating chunks of marshmallow and graham crackers swirled with chocolate all together in one jar. Sounds like a good time.....until the party just doesn't stop and you finish the entire jar........Oops.

I can't blame the sugar content on this one though since it is pretty low- but I am going to say that the trigger for me with this brand is definitely the flavor and those chunks - it just makes you want to keep is beyond peanut butter....more like a cookie butter or a nutella vibe.....and I seriously couldn't stop spooning this damn spread into my mouth!

I mean, check out this Amazon review, I aint alone on this one!

Epic Spreads Amazon review

"So delicious it may be addictive....So good you may just eat it straight out of the jar"


I rest my case. Not a good buy for a fucked up foodie.

#3 Special edition S'mores Oreos

I must say, this one still really makes me laugh. To think that I had fallen for the "special edition" marketing plot.....oh yeah I did - and I bought the whole damn shelf too! Had to make sure I was "stacked for off season" *eye roll*

I used to have oreos as a kid before bed, but after my childhood I hadn''t bought them in years. Yet, I let my prep brain get to me after seeing all the media hype for it and I just had to travel to multiple different stores to buy them before they ran out of stock.

One cookie let to the next, and before ya know it - I was doing lines........of cookies. I could easily kill 2/3 lines in a sitting. Heck, I probably even ate the whole damn box! I just loved to crush the cookies in the milk and let them get all mushy at the bottom...ok chill Cass my mouth is watering.

Again, in addition to the flavor being so addictive and just having a surplus of cookies in front of me - lets check out the sugar content of these bad boys.

Serving size PER 2 cookies

We're looking at 6 grams of sugar per cookie folks. And of course no one opens a box of oreos for just one make that 30 grams of sugar for 5, small cookies. And I wasn't having 5, so can multiple that 30 by 3 or 4.

So, whats the science? The science behind these foods is basically the high sugar content and the addictiveness of the food itself. The more sugar from junk food that you give your body, the more your dopamine levels will spike - which leads to a crash - then? dun dun dun, another need for a dopamine spike, AKA, the intense desire to keep eating these trigger foods - also known as the dopamine cycle. This is not to be confused with the sugars we get from fruits, those sugars cause a moderate release of dopamine, not nearly as much as the trigger foods release. And for the peanut butter that was surprisingly low in sugar, the addictiveness of the spread was a 12/10; the thought of it alone would even cause a dopamine spike.

My main takeaway from this post is that you NEED to be aware of the foods you chose to indulge in or have in your house. If you know that you cannot have a pint of Ben & Jerries without bingeing, guess what? Don't buy it. Instead, try an ice cream that is lower in sugar to avoid that massive dopamine spike. Halo top and enlightened ice cream pints are actually some of my favorites, for way less calories.

These top 3 foods were some of my personal triggers that I have avoided ever since...

What are your trigger foods and why?