3 Steps To Lose Weight And Eat What YOU WANT! Flexible Dieting Weight Loss For Beginners!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Let me ask you a quick question. What is the FIRST thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “DIET”?

Is it eating vegetables and “healthy” foods only?

Eating a bland salad at work?

Cutting out your favorite carbs, like bread and pasta?

Throwing away any junk in your house?

Isolating yourself from your friends to stay on track?

Saying bye bye to eating out for awhile?

What about the emotions you feel when you hear that word…

Does it feel…

  • Restrictive?

  • Unhappy?

  • Boring?

  • “FML!!” ?

  • Dreadful?

Well, if any of the above relates to you when you think about starting a diet, then you are in the right place — and just so happen to be in luck. Because I am going to show you how you can completely change your dieting experience so you can truly enjoy your diet while getting amazing results.

And no, you won’t have to take fat burners, detox, nor waste any other money on BS “quick fixes” that do not work.

Just hang with me while I reveal the 3 simple steps to getting the body of your dreams while also having a delicious diet.


Step 1: You need to have some knowledge about how weight loss REALLY works!

Skip the magazines. The instagram promotions. The sponsored videos. And really zone in on what is REALLY required to lose weight. Is it cutting carbs? Taking a fat burner? Drinking the fit tea detox? Doing the Whole30 or keto diet?

NOPE. None of that shizzzz is necessary to lose weight. *Mic drop*

What you REALLY need to do to lose the fat and transform your body is have a consistent routine you ENJOY that puts you in a calorie deficit.

What the heck is a calorie deficit and how do I do it, you ask? Don’t worry. I got you. I explain ALL about calorie deficits in my FREE ebook you can access here.

If you can learn only ONE thing from me and my content, please just ALWAYS remember:

Without a calorie deficit, there is no weight loss.

While there are sooooo many different approaches to lose weight, such as keto, paleo, flexible dieting (my jazz and soon to be yours too), atkins, intermittent fasting, intuitive eating, macro tracking, south beach diet, gluten-free, you name it—that theory will ALWAYS ALWAYS remain accurate and dominate over any other claim.

A calorie deficit can happen intentionally (like when you track macros) or even unintentionally (when you aren’t necessarily counting calories/tracking macros but are still monitoring your intake).

Calorie deficits are mandatory to lose weight. Please please remember that!


My three key requirements for a successful diet is one that is nutritious, tasty, and of course—consistent. All three of these components are extremely important if you would like to have long term results and of course, be healthy!

A. Nutritious

Regardless if you are trying to lose weight or not, having a nutritious diet is essential for good health. Make sure your diet consists of quality protein (chicken, turkey, beef, eggs, fish and if you’re vegan—nuts, seeds, soy products, legumes, and protein powder), quality fats (nuts, seeds, oils, avocados, whole eggs, dairy, fish), and quality carbs (fruits, vegetables, whole grains)

Before I get into the “Tasty” component…I need to tell ya that THERE ARE NO BAD FOODS.

There are only foods that are more nutritious than others. Obviously fruit has more nutrients than a piece of candy. But that doesn’t mean that candy is BAD and will cause fat gain by having a few pieces. As long as you have a balance, or if you are tracking macros—you can include a few treats into your routine.

B. Tasty

The way your food tastes is SO important. The nutritious foods mentioned above can be prepared in a way to taste uhhhhmazing! So don't ever sacrifice taste for a diet! There are ways to make it work! I love to add salt, taco/chilli seasoning, dressing, and syrup to my food depending on the meal to make it taste delicious!

Go the extra mile to put more effort into your meal prep and making your food taste good. It will pay off!

After you have setup all the nutritious foods, now you can also add some “fun” foods into your diet. You crave ice cream? Add that shizzz in there. You like to have some ranch with your sandwich? Slap some on!

Don’t be afraid to have foods that are less nutritious—they play a very important role in our diet keeping us sane and consistent, which leads me to the next…..

C. Consistent

If you do not like your diet, you will not be consistent with it—period! Maybe you’ll last a few weeks or if you’re a tough cookie, maybe a few months. But it won’t be long before you burnout, cave in, and overeat for 10 people. And we don’t want that!

So to avoid that vicious cycle, ask yourself:

“Is this style of eating something I can be consistent and HAPPY with for the rest of my life?”

If the answer is no and you realize that you actually probably wouldn’t be able to do keto for the next 10, 15 years—then why are you trying to force yourself to like it temporarily when you don’t have to?

I personally love my diet and can see myself eating the way I do forever, in all seriousness! Flexible dieting has changed the game for me forever. I eat the same foods whether I am dieting for fat loss or am maintaining my current look, heck I even competed in a bikini competition utilizing flexible dieting!


Okay so we have the nutrients and the tasty components down pat. Good. Now how do we actually implement??

I mentioned previously about my free ebook that fully explains calorie deficits right? It also mentions how to track your macros so that you know for sure you are in a calorie deficit and can get to the result you want faster!

So once you know what your macros are and are actually implementing—there are some skills ya need to have too so this whole dieting thing really won’t be so bad!

I’ll mention some of the skills that I teach my one:one clients.

Skill #1: Eating out

Just because you are on a diet does not mean that you can NEVER eat out! There are so many ways to make eating out work with your plan. I usually recommend to try to order something simple so it’s easier to track (let's say chicken, veggies, and roasted potatoes) as opposed to something that has the ingredients allll mixed in together (like some salads, paninis, etc). I would also ask for no oil/butter and for any extra ingredients on the side to make tracking more accurate!

Skill #2 Substitutions baabby

What happens if you usually have rice for dinner, but suddenly realize you are out of rice???? You need to know how to make easy substitutions within each macro group so you can make changes easily. For the rice, we can sub that with bread, pasta, cereal, wraps, fruit, and many other options! But making sure your macros are properly adjusted while making this substitution is crucial. All carbs are not created equal—½ cup of rice won't necessarily have the same carb content as a slice of bread—so you need to know how to adjust your macros accordingly, which I also explain in the ebook.

Skill #3 Switching it up

Let’s be honest, even if we love our diet we can skill get bored of it! It happens to me and even my clients too. But the great thing about flexible dieting? YOU CAN SWITCH IT UP BAABBY! You don’t have to eat the saaaaaame ol' thing every single day. As long as you are still getting your nutrients in and your macros are still on point (if you track) you can always switch it up.


If you are looking for more guidance on your weight loss journey, you can apply for coaching here!

I hope this post helps you take action towards your goals!

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