Achieve the body of your dreams, indulge in your favorite foods, and enjoy nights with family and friends WITHOUT a diet completely controlling your life.

Let me help you get there


..You look in the mirror feeling super confident in your body. Your clothes fit perfectly, just like you’ve always wanted them to. You’ve never been more excited about your next beach day.


..You start a diet and it doesn’t even feel like a diet. Restricting foods becomes a thing of a past, as you decide to whip up some tacos for the fam #TacoTuesday. And when your favorite show comes on later that night, you can even enjoy some popcorn too.


..You receive an invite to go out to dinner or attend a social event and your answer is always “hell yes” because you know exactly how to make your diet flow with your plans. Food no longer has a negative effect on the quality of your life. You are in control.


Now, let me show you how to make this your reality. 

Break free   from  the  

restrictive dieting cycle



You've tried every approach to dieting but still cannot reach your goal. You are looking for a routine that will finally get you results. 

Figuring out what, when, and how to eat is very stressful for you. Having someone do the groundwork for you will give you clarity and peace of mind so you can focus on other priorities.

Food is completely controlling your life and you want to develop a better balance so you can live guilt-free.

You want to eat flexibly and have a better relationship with food, but need more guidance so you can do this as a lifestyle.

You want to keep the weight off long after you lose it. No more yo-yo dieting and falling off track every Monday.


Feel confident in your body and in control of your food choices. You will develop a diet you absolutely enjoy and find what works best with your specific lifestyle.


Have the skills and knowledge necessary to make dieting work FOR you and not against you. You will never have to start over every Monday because of the unrealistic demands of a restrictive diet.


Have the balance you’ve been looking for to look great, but also really enjoy the important things in life. You will have more freedom than ever to do the things you want without food constantly controlling your every move.


Have the tools to make enjoying your diet and feeling great a sustainable approach for the rest of your life. You’ll never be searching for a new weight loss diet nor be stuck in a yo-yo restrictive dieting cycle again.

If you’re ready to say YES more to the good things in life….dinner dates with your boo, invites to events, ice cream before bed, taco tuesdays with the family...all while getting the killer body you have dreamed of while improving your relationship with food then...

Clients that committed to changing their lives:


I instantly knew Cass was going to be a great fit for me at that time in my fitness journey. She is knowledgeable, works with your every struggle, and really coaches you through the process. I got such great results, I worked with her twice! Currently, I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I got the results I asked for. I wanted to lean out but maintain my muscle mass. I recomped my body completely.


Not only does my body look great, I feel amazing; I am happier, more confident, and still have my sanity after a cut! I would completely recommend her as a coach. If you are on the edge of a decision of working with a coach, she is an easy choice! 






So, I found Cass at a difficult time in my life and I started to really struggle. As a mother of 4, there are always excuses: exhausted, no time, is it selfish of me to spend extra money or time that takes away from my family?

She helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally! She taught me things to not only incorporate into my lifestyle but also into my families lifestyle! I will forever be grateful for Cass. It's never selfish to take care of yourself!

Messages from clients:

Flexible dieting coaching will change your life just as it has changed mine and many of my clients. These results aren't temporary, they are for life. So.....​

What are you waiting for!? 

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