Hey you, let me introduce myself

My name is Cass and I'm an online nutrition and training coach. As a former restrictive dieter and binge eater, healing my relationship with food and finding a routine that worked for me changed my life.  Having worked with many trainers in the past and listened to magazine "inspos" I always felt like I had to restrict my food selection, have more willpower, and "just suck it up" to see results....until I discovered that it didn't have to be like that anymore.  I would no longer settle for this one-way approach.

Scroll on below to see exactly how I can help you too, break free from the fad dieting cycle forever.. 

I could eat foods I love and still see awesome results in my physique. 


I could eat ice cream and bread without the guilt "falling off the wagon".


I could finally stop focusing on willpower and focus on sustainability.

How, you ask?



   A free comprehensive guide to learning  about macronutrients (calories) and how to track them for a flexible diet you'll love.



Work with me one on one to really excel with your goals and receive the support you need.

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